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By booking a service with JKM you must agree to all of the below terms and conditions.

JKM reserve the right to alter a booking or move a booking in accordance to weather conditions and/or equipment failure without penalty to the company

•By booking a service with JKM the customer agrees to our terms and conditions as published on our website.
•JKM reserve the right to take their customers debit or credit card details to secure a booking.
•JKM have the right to take full or part payment should the customers fail to adhere to our terms and conditions.

Customer responsibilities:

•By booking a service with JKM, you confirm you are the registered owner of the vehicle being serviced, or have written consent from its owner prior to services commencing.

•The customer must provide JKM with a safe working environment in order to carry out their services. JKM cannot work in public car parks or on a busy road.

•The customer must provide JKM with access to an electrical power socket in order for services to be completed.

•Failure to supply either of the above could result in cancellation and full charge of the service booked.

•The customer must make sure that child seats are removed along with any other personal possessions.

•JKM will not be held responsible for any personal items left in the customer’s vehicle, nor the removal of heavy or awkward Items. On failure to remove such Items, cleaning in these areas might be limited.

•We recommend you remove all such items prior to leaving your vehicle with us.

•The customer must declare defects known or suspected which may affect any work we do. Customers are liable to compensate the supplier for any expenses incurred by failure to adhere to this clause.

•The customer confirms that they have a spare set of keys for their vehicle.


•All vehicles are cleaned at customer’s own risk and must be able to withstand normal cleaning process.

•JKM will not take any responsibility for any mechanical issues with the vehicles that they service.

•Before commencement of the services and cleaning process selected, the customer and JKM shall agree the services to be carried out on the customer’s vehicle and the price payable for such services.

•The price must be agreed by JKM prior to them taking possession of the customer’s vehicle. By leaving your vehicle and keys with JKM you have entered into a verbal agreement with them for the service at the agreed price.

•If your vehicle is not as previously described, at our assessment on arrival additional services may be subject to price increase.

•If your vehicle’s interior is heavily soiled with pet hair, mud etc, additional charges will apply.

•The time of service delivery specified is an estimate only. JKM shall not be liable for any loss, costs or damages caused directly or indirectly by any delay in service delivery.

•JKM shall use all reasonable endeavours to complete the services within estimated timeframes.

•Payment is to be made in full before the vehicle is handed back to the customer unless agreed with JKM in advance.

•JKM has the right to report any illegal substances or items they might find whilst carrying out services on the vehicle.

•Hazardous chemicals are used at the customer’s own risk.

•Upon completion of services, and the return of the vehicle’s keys, responsibility of the vehicle will pass back to the customer.
Please inform JKM of any issues you have with the service before accepting the return of your keys.

•JKM will not tolerate verbal or physical abuse of any form and may terminate contract as a result.


•24 hour cancellation notice required by customers for a full refund. Failure to do so may result in part or full payment.

•In the case of unforeseen circumstances JKM has the right to cancel services with less than 24 hours notice given to customers. However we endeavour to give as much notice as possible.
A full refund or re-schedule will be offered.

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